Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Recap 7/19-7/30

It's been a crazy week here.  The majority of the time my weekly recap is all about the children and school.  This week I'm going to go totally off track and make the weekly recap all about me.  Life since our summer vacation has progressed in a way that is anything but normal.  I played single parent for a month.  He came home.  We enjoyed a weekend as a family before the next event.
On Tuesday of last week (7/20), I flew to Minneapolis to visit with my sister and enjoy Tastefully Simple's National Conference.  Both activities were well worth while.  I loved connecting with my sister, exploring Minneapolis and learning more about the amazing company that is Tastefully Simple. 

Last week I shared that I was going to hear a presentation given by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  I did hear that speech and I must admit that some of my concerns were unfounded.  Ms. Breathnach presented herself from a Christian perspective.  She even used the word "God"much more often than was comfortable for some.  Despite her out-of-date publicity photo, I found her presentation to be straightforward and faith oriented.  Not in an existential, disconnected way but in a way that I could grasp and share.  While her book has been severely edited to be universally appealing, S.B. Breathnach, in person, seems to share my beliefs and find it part of her mission to glorify God.  I am still reading her book with an awareness toward using what works and discarding the rest.

At the Tastefully Simply conference, I found two inspiring messages.  My best days are ahead of me and dream big.  Danny Gokey and Lana Boner were inspiring.  As role models, I think I've found two worth imitating and heard a call to action.  To follow your passion, believe in yourself and know who you are, that is worth emulating.  I love both the messages but I'm not sure that Tastefully Simple is the place where I will accomplish either mission.  As much as I love the company and the sense of belonging to something bigger, I'm not sure that is my place.  Sometimes, I think that inspiration and intention have no relationship at all.  Whatever happens from here, I know that I've been part of some companies, moments, experiences that have been enriching and worthwhile.  I have been blessed.

You never know where you will find inspiration or fulfillment.  The key is paying attention to everything.  Live in the present so when you find what matters you recognize and appreciate it.  I've been fulfilled by my years with Tastefully Simple.  I run a $250,000+ business.  That's impressive.  What I do makes a difference to many people.  Sure, it's sales and it's beer bread and it's meaningful.  I am a sales professional.

Upon returning home, I spent time with and helped my two oldest children pack for a visit with their grandparents.   The flight was, reportedly, uneventful and the girls are having a wonderful time. Turning loose was hard but I pray the relationships that are built and strengthened during this time make the separation worth while.  The rest of the family has been home trying to figure out what it means to be a family of four. It's a strange situation.   

During the Tastefully Simple conference I made commitment to turn loose of things that weren't enriching my life.  I'll be more mindful in the future of saying yes before I am willing to commit.  It was a hard lesson but telling people "no" this week gave me a sense of release and freedom.  It's good to cut myself loose of things that were causing stress and providing no joy.

I've grown as a person this week.  I am more focused and can't wait to see what's next.  That's a good feeling.

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