Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekly Recap 6/28-7/2

This week was a mixed bag.  Fond farewells, a visit from my sister, fun at the zoo and some quiet time together.

We put our foreign exchange student on a flight for D.C.   After a few days there, she'll leave for Istanbul.  In fact, I think her flight leaves today.  I didn't realize, I don't think any of us did, how much we'd come to accept her as part of our family.  Cleaning her room was a very sad thing for all of us.  While my youngest M5 is thrilled to have her pink room back, I think she'd be just as happy if G were here with us.

My sister and her children arrived on Tuesday afternoon and that was a welcome distraction.  We had an orthodontist appointment for K13.  Unfortunately the canine replacement we were hoping would solve some of our expensive orthodontic issues isn't going to be possible.  We were all a bit disappointed but understand the need for a healthy bite.   K13 is worried about the cosmetic issues while dh and I just know it's going to create some large dental bills down the line.

Wednesday, we went to the grand opening of the new seal and sea lion exhibit at our zoo.  It was fun to play in the water, visit the animals we love and see what's new.

Thursday was art class for M5, S8 and H11 plus to neighborhood girls at our local library.  The kids came home with neat foil sculptures and proceeded to empty another entire roll of foil with their artistic endeavors.  After art, K13 and S8 decided to make pizza for dinner.  I was pretty impressed that they pulled it off with minimal help and everyone agreed that the meal was delicious.

Today, we spent part of the morning getting ready for the play we are attending tomorrow.  There is a free performance of Twelfth Night at a local park.  We loved seeing The Tempest a few weeks ago and are really looking forward to Twelfth Night.  The kids were thrilled with the story and were even able to relate it to the teen movie She's the Man.  I was pretty pleased and impressed.  I figure we'll be watching the movie before the night is over.  I also worked with M5 and S8 to complete the challenge sheet for our local library reading program. 

I'm also really excited that I placed an order last night for the final materials I needed for next fall.  I can't wait until it all gets here.  It'll be like Christmas!

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  1. We had an exchange student from Germany when I was in HS. She did become part of the family! It is sad when they go back! We stayed in contact a long time, but eventually we lost track of her. What a neat experience for your kids! :-)