Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break 2013: St. Augustine - Day 2

I've been to lots of light houses and I highly recommend St. Augustine Light House as one of the best light house experiences ever.  The staff is engaging and knowledgeable.  The grounds are beautiful.  The view is breathtaking.  In addition, the museum and exhibits are educational and interesting for the entire family. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning at the light house.  From there we traveled down the Florida coast  stopping for lunch at Redfrog and McToad's.  The service was slow and not very attentive but the food was hot and plentiful.  We weren't in a rush and the kids really enjoyed the decor.  No one left the restaurant hungry. 

After lunch, we continued on to Fort Matanzas.  Our plan was to enjoy the visitors center, walk on the beach, take the ferry to the fort and complete another jr. ranger badge.  Unfortunately, spring break was not the best time to visit the fort.  All of the ferry tickets were gone by the time we arrived.  Although the tickets were free there were a limited number per day.  Without the ferry our enthusiasm for the junior ranger badge waned.  We enjoyed walking and relaxing on the beach.  The weather was considerable warmer today and we were all able to appreciate sitting on the sand in the sunshine.  We watched the educational video at the visitor's center then climbed into our vehicles for the ride to Grandmomma and Grandpap's.

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