Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break 2013: St. Augustine, Florida

Of course, when we planned our spring break trip to St. Augustine we anticipated beautiful beaches.  We got the beautiful beaches but we also got winter weather than made it a quick visit on a cold, sunny, windy afternoon.
When Grandmomma and Grandpap arrived we began our sight seeing in earnest.  We began the morning at Castillo de San Marcos where we learned about the history of the area and the fort, enjoyed the views and the sunshine.
We chatted with Spanish soldiers.
M8 and S11 earned their junior ranger badges and took the junior ranger pledge.

From the fort we walked in to St. Augustine and down through the chilly yet busy tourist area.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Pizzalley's.  We all give it two thumbs up (that's 14 thumbs!) and recommend you make this a stop if you visit St. Augustine. 
After Pizzalley's we walked off a bit of our lunch then tried the designer popsicles from The Hyppo. Though the flavors were unfamiliar and even a little weird we enjoyed orange creamsicle, vanana banilla, pumpkin porter, and champagne mango.  Even on a chilly day we enjoyed the sweet treats.

 We continued our stroll to Flagler College, the former Hotel Ponce de Leon and back toward the car parked in the fort parking lot.
A final stop at Whetstone Chocolates brought that part of our tour to close and all were weary by the time we made it to our van.  On the way back to our hotel, M8 revived when she spied the carousel. 
She convinced Grandmomma to join her for a ride though she couldn't convince any of her siblings to get out of the van.

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