Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Recap: October 29-November 2, 2012

This is the start to a typical school morning at our house.  You notice that there is a student missing.  H13 is almost always the last down the stairs.  This is the first stop before fixing breakfast.

Overall our week was a good one.  The weather was awful but we were thankful to only receive rain.  We didn't get the snow or the power outages that were predicted.  We finished reading Anne of Green Gables and began reading Twenty-One Balloons.  We have really enjoyed our read-alouds this year.  Beginning our day with reading aloud allows us to ease in and get our brains going gently.

Session two began for co-op. H13 isn't thrilled with the topic, starting a
small business, but she liked spending time with friends.  S10 is learning new games and making crafts with found objects.  He seems happy with the activities so far.  M8 is learning about weather and mass destruction.  That seemed pretty appropriate for the week with Superstorm Sandy being all over the news.  My class of two year olds is learning about folk tales.  I am teaching a class on Aesop's Fables next week.

High:  Latin.  She loves Latin.  It has been especially nice because our grammar this week has been on pronouns.  It works nicely with Latin.
Low: She says it's grammar
I say it's math. I'm not sure what's wrong. She says she hates her new math book but we are continuing with Singapore that she's always enjoyed.

High:  Reading.  I've enjoyed reading Call of the Wild and White Fang.  They were intersting, fun to read and I couldn't put down the books.
Low:  Math.  I got confused a little and that made me really irritated.  I learned to keep a cool head and double check my work.

High: Algebra.  It made sense this week.
Low:  Red Badge of Courage because I hate it.

High: Getting as much done as we did inspite of appointments, obligations and preparing for a weekend trip.
Low: Physics is still hanging over my head.  I'm going to make a plan for catching up in November.  We may dedicate the week before Thanksgiving to physics.

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  1. Great week! The picture is hilarious. That's how I look in the morning. No school before 10 because mom is just not ready.