Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Tradition? The Thanksgiving Tree

I have a tree in my family room.  A Thanksgiving Tree.  I love it.  I think it's amazing.  It's got white lights on it.  Messages of thankfulness hang from the branches.   It has a huge wow factor when you enter the family room. 

I got the idea from Pinterest.  There were paper trees, table top trees, individual trees but no statement trees.  No tree size trees.  No trees that called to me.  As I looked at the selection of Thanksgiving trees on Pinterest, it occurred to me that I had the perfect opportunity to create my own Thanksgiving tree.  Earlier this week we had eight of the trees in our yard trimmed.  The potential selection of any size or shape of Thanksgiving tree was easily available in my yard.  So, I went Thanksgiving tree shopping.  After having Rob hold and rotate a wide selection of trees I settled on a branch from the cherry tree in the front yard.

H13 helped me haul the tree stand and the white lights down from the attic.  Both H13 and Rob helped string the lights.  We hung the thankful notes from last year that I saved for something.  Turns out that something was my tree.  For the next week we will be adding "leaves" of thankfulness to the tree.  We are punching a hole in the leaves and hanging them with Christmas hooks. 

I am so excited about this project.  I hope this becomes something we all enjoy over the next week.  I hope it becomes a tradition.  Whatever the Thanksgiving tree turns into, right now it is fun and festive and lovely.

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