Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Recap: April 23-27, 2012

The first part of our week was spent taking care of my sister for a few more days.  We managed to incorporate a trip to Colonial Williamsburg on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we spent the day driving home.  Our audio book was Huckleberry Finn. 

Thursday and Friday we took the day off.  Our crazy schedule and enforced proximity for the last weekand a half required that we spend some time playing in our rooms, with all our toys, when we got home.  We also rented Chipwrecked from the Redbox for our ride home and our van's selective dvd player refused to play it so we HAD to watch that on Thursday and again on Friday.  Somethings are too important to skip.

Thursday night another of my sisters (there are four) came to visit and help make K15's prom a dream come true.  Our activities on Friday included a tour of the farm, hair cuts and colors and manicures/pedicures for the prom princess and H12. 

I think it's pretty safe to say that the favorite thing about school this week is that we didn't really have it.

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  1. So I saw your blog and the Redbox mention, and as I am doing the "married w/kids" thing these days, I thought I'd mention a few things regarding family entertainment. It sounds like you guys have a good variety of entertainment (Huck is one of my FAVORITE characters), and I saw you mention Redbox. I used to get titles from Redbox, but hated having to actually wait in line for a kiosk, and then the selection was usually pretty well picked over. I have Dish now, and since you had a faulty DVD player, I thought I'd mention remote access and the Blockbuster movie pack. I got signed up for 3 months free of the Blockbuster @ Home movie package, and I now have access to over 100,000 movies, games and shows. Dish just added another 6,000 kids/family titles to the streaming library, and I can take it all on my tablet for when we go on car rides. I started working there about 2 years ago, and the technology and programming now available for families is exquisite! Anyway, I enjoyed your post and hope you have fun with the kiddos this summer!