Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Recap: April 2-April 6, 2012

This week is a bit different because K15 has her spring break on Thursday and Friday this week and Monday and Tuesday next week.  Rob also decided that since he'll be in Brazil next week, he'd stay home to get some projects done on Thursday and Friday.  Having two special guests at our school threw our normal routine into chaos.  Good chaos.

Amazingly enough, we managed to fit in most of our school work in three full days and two light days. We are right on track for Bible (Lesson 27), Latin (Lesson 24/22), math, and grammar.  We'll play catch-up next week for history.  We are so far ahead of our required hours that I'm not concerned about a couple of light days filled with family learning.

High - Algebra.  I can't believe I like math.
Low - Logic

High - I'm almost done with Latin.
Low - I'm not done with Latin.

High - Spending extra time with Dad.
Low - No low this week.

High - Being able to relax the school expectations and know that we'll still be done on time.
Low - Learning that Rob will be leaving on Sunday morning instead of Monday morning. 

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