Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Recap: April 16-20, 2012

This week has been a little crazier than usual.  My sister had surgery this week. (She's doing great!  Thanks for asking.) We've added primary care provider to our homeschool curriculum this week.

We traveled to Norfolk on Saturday, April 14.  On the way we listened to Jack Plank Tells Tales and Chasing Vermeer.  We enjoyed church at First Presbyterian in Norfolk and the sunshine of Virginia Beach on Sunday.  Bright and early on Monday morning, I accompanied my sister to the hospital and waited until she was through surgery.  While she was resting the children and I took advantage of the amazing colonial history of the area and spent several hours at Jamestown Settlement.  We all agreed that the outdoor exhibits were our priority.  We learned about braiding baskets, scraping hides, outdoor cooking, blacksmithing and sailing the Atlantic. We also enjoyed an interesting and informative film on the settlement of Jamestown.  We took our time with the outdoor exhibits and didn't get to the extensive indoor galleries.  After a quick visit to the gift shop I stopped at customer service and asked if it was possible to get an "add on" ticket so that we could come back the following day.  The wonderful customer service person was thrilled that we wanted to come back and finish seeing what they had to offer and printed complimentary tickets for us to return the next day.  Three cheers for Jamestown Settlement!

Tuesday my sister came home from the hospital.  While she was resting in the afternoon we zipped back to Jamestown Settlement to view the Galleries that we had skipped on Monday.  We learned about the slaves of the Virginia colonies, early settlers and the Native Americans.  We spent about five hours of time, over two days, enjoying the Jamestown experience.

Wednesday and Thursday was more of a normal school situation.  We tried to catch up with the things we'd neglected this week.  On Friday, we did our school work then spent the afternoon at the beach.

Now for the highs and lows:

H13 - High:  Beach
Low: Latin

S10 - High:  Beach.  I liked Jamestown a lot so it's my second high.
Low:  School

M7 - High:  Paddle ball on the beach.
Low:  I don't have one.  I've been doing really good on school so I don't have a low.

Me - High:  Being available for my sister.
Low:  The clogged toilet at 11:30pm on Thursday.


  1. I'm glad to hear your sister is doing well and excited to read about your Jamestown Settlement adventures. I just started reading about early American history (not an American) as part of pre-reading next year's curriculum and I'm quite engrossed (let's ignore that fact that they're early elementary books - it's a starting place and it's all new to me :P).

    1. We are hoping to get to Williamsburg and Yorktown before we head home. Unfortunately, the weather today is not cooperating.

  2. Glad you loved Jamestown! I have been there so many times and I still fall in love with each visit! Can't wait to go back again next month.