Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Recap: March 5-9, 2012

This week has been pretty typical though the weather has allowed us to spend more time outside.  We love sunshine!  Everyone is moving steadily through their subjects.  If all keeps on track we should finish the academic part of the school year at the end of April.   That will be perfect timing because we have plans for trip to Philadelphia, New York City and Boston in May. 

Here are the highs and lows:

High - Math.  I love math because it's so easy and it's in a workbook and I can't believe I'm almost done with it.  My other high is that I'm almost done with grammar.
Low - I have to do grammar.  I did like writing poems this week.

High - I'm almost done with Life of Fred Fractions.
Low - I have to finish Life of Fred Fractions.

Is in bed today with a headache.  I think she would say that one high is how easy algebra has been for her this week.  Quadratic expressions weren't nearly as nasty as they sounded.
Her headache, today is the second day, would definitely be a low.

High - I love moving forward at a steady pace.  It's been so good to see how everyone is becoming more independent and capable.
Low - We didn't do chemistry again.  I was really wanting to get another unit completed before co-op begins again next week.


  1. I like how you express your week in highs and lows. Sweet and to the point!

  2. I like the high's and low's--cute. Sounds like school will be a thing of the past soon for your crew--at least for a couple of months. :)

  3. It *has *been gorgeous this week. The kids have enjoyed playing in the yard a lot.