Monday, March 5, 2012

Alisle Springs

written   by M

One day I was running errands with mom and she told me that dad's friend was coming over.  I was excited.    When i  got  home   they  were   already  there.  I  went   up  to  the   barn   where   they  were.  I  asked  him  if    he   would   go   on   a   walk   with   me.   He   said,  "Yes."   We   went    somewhere  really   pretty.  I  was  amazed.  We   found  a   hideout  on   our   way.  It  had   really    pretty   white   rocks.  On   our  way  back  he  was  thinking   about   what  we  should  name  it.   He   thought  we  cold    name  it  M  but   i   said, "No."  Then  he  asked  me  what  my  middle  name  was. I told  him  it   was  Alisle.  Thats  how  it  was  Alisle   Springs.                           

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