Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly Recap 9/20-9/24

This week I'm finding it difficult to focus on school.  There are so many distractions and all of them seem worthy of our attention.  Despite my lack of focus, everyone seems to be learning something. 

I'll hit the highlights as they come to mind:

The "Quid Agis?" game has become really popular here.  We need to learn more answers than "Sum optime", "Sum pessime" and :Sum bene" but we still have fun asking and answering. 

We've learned a lot about pigs and piranha.  I guess you never know where interest will take you and I certainly never thought much about either animal.  I'm not quite an expert yet but I know a couple if you want to learn more.  I think the neatest thing about the dc pursuing their own interests is how they share their knowledge and enthusiasm with each other.  Who knew pigs could create closer relationships?

We enjoyed listening to The Cay by Theodore Taylor.  It gave us a lot to talk about including an explanation of why I was crying at the end.  It's amazing to me how my motherly point of view can break my
heart with very little provocation and almost no warning.  I suppose that fact is impossible to explain to children, even perceptive and caring ones.

We also played music, practiced soccer and football, talked about Beowulf, the decline of the Roman Empire, Islam and China.  We learned about verbs, punctuation, quotation marks and practiced our reading.  We even managed to straighten the house, mop the wood floors and catch a mouse.

Last, but not least, we celebrated Miss M's first birthday.  Her dad's birthday is actually before hers so Uncle K got his fair share of the cake and candles.  Happy Birthday to both of you!

We never miss an opportunity to turn family members into Buckeye fans.  Miss M probably won't be wearing these in public.


  1. What is the Quid Agis game? Sounds intriguing!

    Looks like a lovely week full of learning. Your little baby is darling!

  2. Your daughter is so adorable.

    I have The Cay on my daughter's reading list. I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed it, even with the crying at the end.

    Sounds like a wonderful week.

  3. How fun when they come up with something that interests them and pursue it!

  4. I've never heard of The Cay... will need to check into that. It takes very little to move me to tears, so on the other hand....

    I'm guessing the mouse you caught was not a planned lesson in mouse catching? Yikes!