Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Step Back?

It's official, my husband has taken a new job, resigned from his old job and the wheels are turning.  Slowly now, but soon to turn more quickly.  A few posts ago, I prayed that I would know when to begin.  Inevitably, change has begun.  Ready or not.

When R and I began to discuss the state of our union in the spring and summer, we knew that his job travel was taking a toll.  We talked about moving closer to the east coast, to the beaches I loved.  We also talked about moving to the country and buying a farm.  While I was focused on my beach chair, my husband was walking his fields.  The resumes went out, the prayers went up and the farm won over the beach.

This week the kids and I traveled to the new area to look at farms.  The sweet part is that this is a land that we know.  We lived there for seven years and loved it.  The difficult part is that this is that I thought we'd moved on.  I loved living here before but had no intention of returning.  Moving backward, reverting, that's not really part of me.  I move forward to what's next.  Retracing is not really in my vocabulary.  I'm not known for taking the same route twice.  That's a gift from my father.  If there's a different road to get to the same place, why not take it.  If there's a different road to get to a new place, that's even better!  I was ready and counting on a new place, preferably one with a beach.  It's a good thing I've learned to be flexible.

My challenge now is looking as the next step as more than a step back.  I've changed, my family has changed, our situation has changed, the place has changed and the people have changed.  Nothing stays stagnant.  Even a familiar place offers new possibilities.  I pray that I am open to each new possibility and am able to feel warmed and welcomed by all that is familiar.

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  1. Glad you're focusing on the NEW possibilities!
    Lee (5wolfcubs)
    PS What is the Support your local library reading challenge?? :)