Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Recap 6/21-6/25

I think the good, the bad and the ugly pretty much sums up our week this week.

The good:  H11 at camp for the week, Bible study, going away dinner for G18, music lessons, an afternoon at the pool, art at the library, lots of time with friends for the kids and for me, Shakespeare in the Park - The Tempest

The bad:  going away dinner for G18, H11 at camp for the week, single parenting for a few more weeks

The ugly:  K13 disregarding our rules and the consequences that have followed

K13 says her favorite activity was seeing The Tempest.  She really enjoyed the performance, especially the spirits and Ariel.

S5 enjoyed playing Star Wars with his friend most of all. He had two play dates with his good friend this week. While it doesn't quite make up for not having a brother, it will have to do.

M5 says her favorite activity of the week was the time we spent at the pool on Tuesday.  She liked it because she got to go down the water slide.

My favorite part of the week was the performance of The Tempest we saw last night. It was an outdoor, free production and very well done. I'd read the script of the play in preparation and had given the kids an overview from my reading along with reading the corresponding selection from The Best of Shakespeare by E. Nesbit.  Some of the language was difficult to follow but the acting and humor more than made up for the vocabulary we didn't quite understand.  It was a wonderful experience for us.  We are looking forward to the next performance.

Overall, we've been so busy that I can't figure out how we managed to fit school work into our lives for the past nine months or how we'll incorporate it again when the time comes.

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