Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Head Clutter

I've spent the last two evening trying to write something, anything.  I go through my days thinking of topics I'd like to write about later.  Later arrives and nothing comes easily.  I guess this is writer's block.  It feels more like being buried. 

My head is cluttered.  I try to get a hold of one corner of something to write about.  I give it a little tug and either it sticks fast or causes a landslide.  A piece breaks off leaving me with a useless idea and no words.

I'd like to write about my recent struggles with feeling like myself.  I'd love to spend a few days exploring my frustrations and contemplations concerning relationships and connecting with others.  I long to share my thoughts about religion, politics, priorities, homebirth, safe cleaning products, sunscreen or dog food.  Unfortunately, I'm clogged.

As a result,  you have an entire post on how I can't think through anything to write.  It reminds me of eighth grade English.  I survived that so I'm fairly certain I'll survive this too.  I hope you are still around when I figure out how to sort the clutter.

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