Sunday, March 7, 2010

In Which I Wonder Where the Time Has Gone

My amazing husband just came upstairs as I was yawning at the computer, trying to finish up one or two more things, and said, "None of that. We're twenty, we don't get tired and we only think about sex and eating." I snorted and then remembered a few days (weeks, years, decades) ago when we were those people and that's all we did think about. It seems as if that was so long ago and far away and as if it were just yesterday. I don't know how it can be both but it can.

I spent a large part of this afternoon with my two teenage daughters looking for dresses. Our newest daughter (a foreign exchange student from Turkey) was looking for a prom dress. Our eldest daughter was looking for a dress for Spring Fling. Both found the PERFECT dress. Whew!

It turned out to be a relatively painless experience and I was so thankful that my negotiating skills were up to the task. We steered clear of a few inappropriate and not as attractive choices and managed to find the exact dress in the exact size to wear with the ideal shoes.

All the time we are in the store and dressing rooms I kept flashing back to the tiny little girl who fell in love with the ruby red sparkly slippers. The same girl who loved her dresses above all else. The same girl that sat on my lap and had me ready the same book over and over and over. The same girl who rarely wears anything but jeans and zip up sweat jackets these days. The same girl who looked drop dead gorgeous in every dress she tried on, even if mom wasn't ready to turn her loose in public in said dresses. The same girl who has a smile that can light up any room. The same girl that stamps her foot and yells when she is thwarted in her plans. The same girl that wraps her arms around me and kisses me on the cheek and barely has to stand on her tip toes.

It seems like time has gone so quickly. Just yesterday, last week, last year, my husband and I were that 20 year old couple. Then we had one tiny little girl, then two, then a boy, then another girl. Then we blinked and here we are.

What experiences make you realize how time has gone?

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