Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Which I Contemplate the Best Laid Plans

I've been planning. I'll admit, I'm a planner so my planning is no great shock for anyone that knows me. I plan my day, week, month and year. I plan meals, chores, activities, curriculum and vacations. Planning helps me feel in control.

This week I've been planning for my in-laws visit, spring break, our trip to Florida and our curriculum for next year. I've looked at local activities, prices for Disney passes and meals and astronomy and algebra books. My planning knows no limits.

The thing with my planning is that I've lived long enough to know that my efforts at control may very well be futile. I really only have a plan, not a promise of completion. God has plans too. Plans that totally supersede mine. And mostly, I'm thankful that God's plans are perfect. Sometimes, I'm able to be thankful after the fact, rather than in the moment.

Still, I plan. I think God likes that. I think that God loves me enough to know that my plans aren't an attempt to control God but rather an attempt to make the very best of any situation God has for me. Having a plan enables me to be flexible rather than frazzled. Having a plan gives me a place to begin and a direction in which to move.

Often my plans go in ways I never intended. Last summer I had a plan for the perfect 20th anniversary trip to Europe for two weeks. I ended up enjoying a lovely cruise for 5 days and an emergency appendectomy. I am so thankful that God knew the right plan for that part of my life.

I expect God to keep directing my plans. Right now, it feels like we are at a turning point, a cross road. It feels like change is coming. My first response is to plan. My second response is to pray. I think reversing that might be a better impulse. So, I think I'll pray for awhile and see what God has planned.

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