Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekly Recap: School Year Wrap!

We finished our school year today.  At least we finished the book part.  Our testing is complete. We still have a super special field trip coming up but I'll share more of that after we come home.

Just in case you don't remember what my crew looked like at the beginning of the school year, you can look back here.  And just nine months later...
M8 is now ready to start 4th grade.  S11 wrapped up 5th grade and is moving onto grade 6.  H14 is now a freshman.  That just makes me breathe deeply.  My oldest daughter, K16, is now a senior.  That just takes my breath away.  She's not ready to face it either.  She won't even let me take an end of the school year picture so I'll share another prom picture.

I think it's fitting that we are spending this evening celebrating our year and accomplishments with cake
and the 145,678th viewing of High School Musical.  It's nice to know that no one is too old to enjoy the good stuff.

I'll write a more in depth run down of our year later but here are the highs and lows for now.

High:  Making National Technical Honor Society.
Low:  The beginning of school. All the drama.

High:  How well I did with math.  I did well and I don't usually.
Low:  Science because I don't like science.  I enjoyed it just not as much as everything else.

High:  My high was Bible because I'm learning about God and I'm guessing it will earn me bonus points in heaven.  Just teasing.  I do love learning about God.
Low:  Math.  Who likes math besides M8?

High:  How well I did with Bible.  I finished it all quickly and that made me happy.
Low:  I don't have a low.

High:  I am so proud of all my children.  They are all becoming life learners and developing skills and discipline that will help them in all they do.  As far as our homeschool year, I feel that we learned so much. We completed our first 4 year cycle and I am so pleased by that accomplishment.  When we set down this road four years ago I don't think I really believed we'd get this far.
Low:  Latin.  We managed to squeak out physics but Latin got lost somewhere along the way.

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