Saturday, August 25, 2012

Johnson Academy: First Day of School

H13 - 8th grade
S10 - 5th grade
M8 - 3rd grade
Although we'd planned to start this school year after Labor Day, Rob's open-heart surgery three weeks ago threw all of our plans into turmoil.  Since all of our summer field trips were cancelled and we found ourselves at home, we decided to make use of our time now for school.  The plan is to take a week off in October just for fun. 

Our first day of school was August 23.  We decided to take a leisurely approach to kicking off this year.  We began with Bible, logic, math, and art.  We also began our first read aloud of the year, The Secret Garden.  I'm excited to share one of my favorite books with my children.
M8 sorted coins to play our math game, Race to the Quarter.

Drawing in the round like Bottecelli.

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