Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Power of Prayer

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. 
 If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.
- James 5:15

There have been so many prayers filling heaven and earth on Rob's behalf this week.  I believe the miracles we've witnessed this week are the direct result of prayer and God's grace.  It will be impossible to name every person and prayer chain that has lifted Rob's name and situation to the Lord but I'm going to give it a good shot.

Watertown Presbyterian Church - Watertown, OH
1st Presbyterian Church - Jeffersonville, IN
1st Presbyterian Church - Parkersburg, WV
Oviedo Presbyterian Church - Oviedo, FL
Living Waters Presbyterian Church - Wendell, ID
Perrow Presbyterian Church - Cross Lanes, WV
the board of VMTC
an orphanage in Liberia
prayer chains at Operation Christmas Child
Dee Wright
Tony Clarke
Tom Westlund
Carolyn Westlund
James Wells
Jane McMahon
Lisa Borchers
Stacy Johnson
Kristin Holiday
Shayla Goldenberg
Jill Wells
Brenda Cline
Lynn Wallmeyer
Marianne McCafferty
Kathy Scohy
Jennifer Crow
Hannah Ayers
Crysta Bourdon
Angie Dieterlen
Shannon Wiezik
Marian Coleman
Jack Dabney
Kelly Peele
Keri Murray
Sandra Schmidt
Wendy Stewart
Stacey Wachsman
Anne Barnes
Tammy Roberts
Tre Roberts
Kathleen Graff
Jennifer Holland
Bridgette Williams-Searle
Kathy Huffman
Jill Lane
Emily Geogerian
Melinda Coats
Sandy Locke
Karen Westlund
Christine Schwab
Laura Zeller
Don Summerfield
Jennifer Eisenman
Holly Kelly
Cynthia James
Diana Bay
Linda Avery
Stephanie DiGugliemo
Sarah Townsend
Eileen Kosar
Natalie Kritenbrink
Eleanor DeWeese
Amber Mace
Amy Daniels
Mary Wiese
Fran Westlund
Mark Miller
Sherry Frame
Tammy Therien
Anna Oehlmann
Amy Beaty
Sandy Harrison
Kim Orcutt
John Browning
Kathy Huffman
Jill Lane
Cathy Sepko
Amy Kesterson
Jackie Brown
Nancy Heitschmidt
Kathy Heaps
Bobbie Heaps

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