Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Recap: September 24-28, 2012

This week was pretty standard.  No big surprises.  We just pushed forward.

High - Grammar.  I like how it's easy and I'm really good at it.
Low - Math.  Just because it's math.

High - I like logic because it's fun to solve.
Low - Latin because I think that it's a language that nobody speaks anymore. 

High - Math. I liked it because my chapter review was so easy.  I did it on my own.
Low - I didn't like doing two grammar lessons today.

High - Our book on CD, The Yearling, has been delightful.  I have a feeling the kids are not going to be happy about the way it ends.
Low - H13 is still struggling to schedule her time.  We did get math and logic checked on Friday evening instead of Saturday afternoon this week.  That's progress.  We also agreed that next week math will be done at the beginning of the week.

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