Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Days

I always start summer with a grand plan.  This year I have hopes of art, novels and field trip.  So far, we've done a lot of swimming.  No complaints there.  The local swimming pool offers a family membership for $125 and we've already gotten our money's worth.  We are so thankful for an area pool that is clean, safe and fun.

We've  also spent time at our library.  The public library runs a reading program that includes incentives for reading and weekly activity programs.  All of us are taking part in the reading program. H13 has already completed her requirements with 40+ hours of reading.  K15 has completed 15+ hours of reading.  S10 and M7 are about half way through their requirements.   H13, S10 & M7 have enjoyed the activity programs learning about nocturnal animals and night photography.

Since returning from vacation, we've spent time daily weeding the garden and taking care of the animals.  Our ten turkeys arrived the week after vacation and 115 chicks arrived this week.  The turkeys are already starting to feather.  The chicks are a mixture of Araucana and Rhode Island Reds.  The Araucanas have markings that make them resemble chipmunks.  We'll enjoy watching them for the next four weeks or so until they stop looking like cute chicks and become chickens.

H13 and I are working on some summer reading beginning with Frankenstein.  S10 is tackling The Lord of the Rings trilogy after ripping through The Hobbit in a few days.  M7 isn't so interested in reading but she spent last week at soccer camp honing her skills.  She has plans to be a professional soccer player so her time is well spent.

Coming soon we have 4-H camp. S10 and H13 will be spending a week at camp while M7 will have her first over night camp experience.  Our anticipated field trips include a visit to Blennerhassett Island and the outdoor drama Tecumseh! I'm also hoping to find a Shakespeare performance for us to attend nearby. We'd like to see Taming of the Shrew or one of the historical plays.

No matter what happens for the rest of the summer you can bet we will be enjoying every one of our summer days.

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