Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Recap: May 21-25, 2012

We are officially done with this school year! 

Our testing is complete and the forms have been mailed for scoring.  All our books are put away, except for H13's algebra.  We'll be continuing the summer with some art.  You can see our first art study here.  We'll also be reading and listening to books.  We might even do a little math to keep it fresh.  Mostly we'll be having fun. 

I'll do a recap of the entire year later.  For now, here are our highs and lows.

High - Passing all parts of the OGT with accelerated or better.
Low - Geometry!

High -  Algebra was my high because I'm good at it.
Low - Logic was my low because it's hard and I don't understand it.

High - I liked history.  History had a whole lot of battles.
Low - Latin,! I wasn't really liking it because it was really, really hard to learn.

High - I liked my math the most.  Math has been my favorite subject for a long time.
Low - Nothing.  I had an okay year.

High- Completing Latin and all our other subjects.
Low - Not realizing that H13 was struggling so much with logic.