Monday, May 14, 2012

The Double Whammy

Today is Mother's Day and my birthday. It really is a double whammy. Many years in the past, I've spent the day feeling irritated and resentful for what these days aren't rather than what they are. I'm thankful that this day has not been a repeat of the past.  I am learning that thankfulness really is a choice. Gratitude comes from a thankful heart not a greedy heart.  No day is perfect but my focus determines the value of the day for me.  I can choose to focus on the lack and complain and whine my way through a day or I can choose to focus on the bounty and feel peace and joy.  It really seems like a no brainer but so often I find my focus slipping.

I struggle with events that are suppose to be for me. I'm the planner in my family so having a holiday that is supposed to for me means that I do the planning or I enjoy a quiet day at home. As a planner and someone that enjoys finding great gifts and planning fun celebrations, it's been a challenge to not feel resentful of the plans that are made or not made.

This Mother's Day/birthday I faced the challenge and found peace in giving thanks for my day. Last weekend, I got an air compresser and nail gun as an early birthday gift. I was able to put my bee hives together and spend a beautiful day with two of my children as they helped me with the nailing and painting.

I had the blessing, earlier this week, of having my parents come for a surprise visit. On Thursday, my children and my husband had beautiful tulips and irises delivered to me. My husband took the day off work on Friday and spent part of the day having maintenance done on my van so I have a safe, dependable vehicle to drive. Yesterday, I got to see my youngest daughter play soccer, have lunch with my family and my parents, see a fun movie, The Avengers, and enjoy Coldstone ice cream.

Today, I was able to worship God with my family and spend a quiet day reading and resting. My husband and children took care of all the cooking. I really haven't done a thing. It's been a cool, rainy day. Perfect for pajamas, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and a book. I introduced myself to Sherlock Holmes. I ate a delicious steak dinner. Tomorrow, I may get to enjoy a birthday cake made by my children.

This day might not be the day I would have planned for myself. I am blessed beyond measure and so, so thankful.

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