Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Recap: Summer version 6/19-6/26/11

We arrived home from Shoopa (our annual Tybee Island family vacation) early on Sunday morning.  The drive was long but we had all day Sunday to rest.  With Father's Day on Sunday, we worked to get some things done that we knew would make R happy.  The grass was mowed, the laundry was done, the house was straightened.  We went out to dinner at a Mexican place we hadn't tried before and were pleased with the food, service and atmosphere.  We weren't quite ready to name it our Mexican place yet but it's the first one that we've been willing to consider.

Monday-Friday the kids and I tried to do lots of reading and listening to books and complete one big project each day.  Monday we weeded the garden and flower beds.  Tuesday we cleaned bathrooms.  Wednesday we washed the front of the house.  Thursday we welcomed 100 baby chicks.  Friday we cleaned the barn and I picked up two hives of bees. We discovered that one big job in the morning left us all feeling satisfied with our efforts and not overworked. 

The weather was our biggest challenge this week.  It rained and rained. The hay didn't get put up.  The lawn didn't get mowed.  The raspberries didn't get picked.  The bee work was delayed several times.  The hen house fence didn't get finished.  We are all hoping for better weather next week.

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