Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Recap 5/30-6/3/11

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday completing our required testing.  H12, S9 and M6 took the CAT.  This is the first time they've done any standardized testing at home so it was an interesting experience.  H12 zipped through all the language arts sections.  S9 tore through the entire test at full speed.  M6 was hit or miss.  Some tests she breezed through.  Others she refused to complete or ran out of time.  We are all glad testing only needs to be done once a year.  We were also glad that we could do it here in a low stress environment. 

With the testing complete we were able to relax into our vacation time.  We are planning on lots of lazy hours in the hammock, lots of outdoor adventures and lots of memories being made.  It's been a great year!

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