Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's the Little Things Really

Living in a hotel for the past week is teaching us all lessons of flexibility and compromise.  We are learning to make the best of difficult situations.  We are learning to pray and let go.  We are learning to appreciate the little things.

One of the accidental blessings of this week is my shower caddy.  It was overlooked in the initial packing and I put it in my van thinking that it might be nice to have while we were waiting for our furniture in our new house.  It's the kind of metal caddy that hang over the shower head.  It holds my liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner and razor.  All those full size bottles.  Having the caddy to hang in the hotel shower saves me from all those tiny little bottles of shampoo and all those tiny bars of soap.  Having our regular things, even just soap and shampoo, makes life seem a bit more normal.  Seeing the caddy in my hotel shower reminds me that there is normal life in my past and future.  This time is temporary.  Sometimes I need that reassurance.

Another blessing is the thoughtful gift of flowers.   I am desiring my own space and dreaming of a home cooked meal, receiving an unexpected gift brings joy to my day.  A beautiful basket of yellow and white flowers now graces our hotel space. A basket of daisies that carry sunshine and love in the midst of snow and uncertainty. In a normal situation, the flowers would have been appreciated.  In this situation the flowers are a blessing.  The flowers are another reminder that things will be normal again and that the important things, people that love me, are still right where they have always been.

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