Monday, May 3, 2010

Requirements May Change Without Notice

If you were interviewing for a job and were told that your job requirements might change without notice, you'd probably have the sense to leave the interview and never return.  How does it happen that reasonable people have, throughout time, signed on for a job with no real, set in stone parameters and have continued to do that job day in and day out?

Today, my job included cleaning up after two very lovely and very ill children.  My job also included teaching and entertaining two very lovely and very healthy children.  The real trick was trying to keep the lovely and sick children away from the lovely and well children and to do it without the benefit of sleep.  Unfortunately for me, everyone else was well rested.

It is probably a good thing that no one made me believe that there'd be days like today when my husband and I were discussing the wisdom of starting a family.  We had lots of reasons for and against children on our list.  Vomit was not included.  My ability to clean a zoo's worth of stuffed animals never entered the discussion.  My husband's inability to deal with vomit or stuffed animals never entered the discussion.  So many really relavent and crucial facts never entered the discussion.

We were clueless and we probably still are.  We have so much to learn as parents and so much of our children's lives to get through.  Every time I think I've got something under control, the next child or situation comes along and reminds me that I am clueless.  I think the biggest thing I've got going for me is that I entered into parenthood willingly.  In fact, I came into this club with enthusiasm and joy.  Even on days like today, I am able to remind myself that my children are worth every dirty towel I washed and garbage can I emptied.

Sometimes it's impossible to plan for life.  Sometimes you make your best plan and just hang on for the rough parts because the requirements for life and parenting may change without notice.

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