Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrate Today!

This was the slogan we saw over and over again as we made our way through the Magic Kingdom.  I brought some of that Disney Magic home with me and have continued to Celebrate Today as I've moved through the week.

I've celebrated spring.  Even if it's not quite as warm as it was in Florida.

I've celebrated being at home and enjoying time just hanging out.  Disney was amazing but it was constant motion.  It's good to spend some time hanging in the hammock and playing on slides and ladders and swings that are relatively stationery.  It may lack the glitz of Disney but the backyard playground is still a great place to be.

I've celebrated being a homeschool family.  We are only a few short weeks from the end of our school year.  Lessons, classes, outside activities are winding down.  We are all looking forward to having time to fill rather than trying to make time.

I've celebrated freedom and choices.   Will we take golf lessons?  See a movie?  Finish the book? Eat first or play first?  Life is full of great choices and it's so nice to recognize when all the choices are good choices. 

I've celebrated another week of not cooking a single meal.  There aren't many benefits of having dh out of town so I have to celebrate where I can.

What did you Celebrate Today?

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  1. Hi Moonbeam!

    Thanks for stopping by! I live in FL and have never been to Disney, but I hear it over and over again from people once they return home, that it's good to be home. Funny, I felt that way just coming home from the zoo this Friday. As mothers and especially homeschoolers, I think we have more of an opportunity to really relish those quiet, still moments and give thanks for all we have. It's like all of a sudden, the smallest things really matter...

    Today I was thankful for a quiet Sunday, fried egg sandwhiches for lunch with my boys, and my daughter coming home safely from her job! Sometimes it can't get any better than that.

    Many Blessings!


    ps I love the way you write!