Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Recap 4/12-4/16

This week was spent marking time.  We are all ready for vacation and it can't get here too soon.  Keeping focus was difficult and every task felt like a chore.  I could totally sympathize with the lack of enthusiasm.  I'm ready for vacation too! 

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  I can't find my camera and I NEED it for vacation!  Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

I won't slog through the whole week, just hit the highlights. 

K13 is doing so well in math.  She really understood the algebra concepts and geometry is going just as well.  The things she doesn't get the first time seem to click easily with a bit of discussion and reworking.

H11 is moving quickly through another Writing Strands book.  She loves to write and I've noticed real improvement with the quality and effort she's putting forth.  This week she completed several different assignements in Writing Strands and in her Rod & Staff Grammar book.  All of her writing was outstanding.

S8 is my sure and steady guy.  He is plugging away at his work each day without complaint.  He loves TimezAttack and is moving quickly through mastery of his multiplication tables.

M5 has worked through all the basic phonic sounds.  She starts on three letter blends when we get back next week.  She's also memorized the first three poems in First Language Lessons.  She really enjoys "doing school" now.  I'm so thankful we didn't push her earlier.

For all of us a big accomplishment was completing Story of the World I!  We are going to go back and work on timelines and maps until the end of the year as a review.  We sure feel proud that we have finished and learned so much.


Writing - Writing Strands 5
R&S Grammar 8 - Chapter 10
Lial BCM - Ch 10 Geometry
History - The End of Rome
Biology - The Human Body

R&S Grammar 5 - Chapter 10
Writing - Writing Strands 4 - #3
Math on the Level - multiplication facts 0-5
History - The End of Rome
Biology - The Human Body

Writing - poetry
R&S Grammar 2 - Unit 6
Math on the Level - multiplication facts 0-5
History - The End of Rome
Biology - The Human Body

Phonics Pathways
First Language Lessons
Math on the Level - addition and subtraction
History - The End of Rome
Biology - The Human Body


  1. I tried leaving a message yesterday, and my computer froze!! Congrats on finishing SOTW!

    Hope you have a great vacation!!

  2. It looks like your children are on the same "page" with some subjects. Do you school them together or are they simply studying the same things at the same time?

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  4. We all do science and history together. It's been a perfect arrangement for us.

    Math has frequently been a joint venture as well, especially for dd11 and ds8.