Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Which I Wonder How I Can Find Different Children to Homeschool

I had a lovely picture of what homeschooling would be like.  My delightful children, the loves of my life, filled with joy in our endeavors.  Looking eagerly at me in delight and wonder.  Loving each and every minute of grammar and math.    Fascinated by ancient life and biology.  Happily completing each and every assignment in a timely manner.  Thankful for the chance to learn in such a loving, nurturing, customized environment.

The problem is that my children aren't cooperating.  Where can I find different children who will do all the things I need them to do in order to have an idealic homeschool experience?  Maybe I just need to enlarge pictures of my children to life size and send the real children back to public school.  I'm sure things would go much more smoothly.  At the very least, things would be quieter and neater.


  1. Hey: Let's swap kids. Just kidding!
    I have been at this for 8 years and go through this often. I had a stranger in a book store tell my son that his mother really loves him to home school him. I think my son realized what an effort it is on my part. He has been co-operating lately. I understand, I have felt this way most of the past month. With me it comes and goes, like a valley and a mountaintop experience. I will be going to a home school conference to renew my vision. I recommend it to anyone in the trenches.

  2. i would like to add a comment from an outsider who thinks her sister is fantastic and that i have great, funny, intelligent, curious, and full of life nieces and nephews that make me laugh and smile. i know without a doubt that those traits are not only inherited but are encouraged and grown by you loving them enough to homeschool them. thanks for making my family even better. love u