Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 23-27, 2013

This week it felt like we settled into a routine. We got through every subject. We had some extra free time. We began planning for the co-op science and history fair. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes you just need a week of regular and routine to make you feel like you are making progress.

In honor of routine, let's get back to ours. Here are the highs and lows I know you've been waiting for:

Low - Math. It took forever.
High - History. I liked learning about the history of writing. I like how it became something more than just a drawing and scribbling. I like that it actually became something you could communicate through.

Low - School. I especially hate school.
High - Writing. I am creating a new card game.

High - Grammar. I like diagramming. Math too because I love graphing.
Low - I don't have one.

High - Getting it all started. We are even ready to officially begin Latin on Monday. Three cheers for that!
Low - How unhappy S11 is with the work this week. He's not usually a complainer. ch freedom Also, the way H14 has fallen back into bad habits. She asked for some extra responsibility this week to prove that she had matured and was able to manage her work better. She's not ready to manage her own work. Next week we go back to assigning and checking each day.


  1. Sorry about the lows. Happy for your highs and optimism!

  2. Things are always better when you get settled into your routine. I like the idea of posting everyone's highs and lows - very neat way to share the week!

  3. I agree that a regular week and a routine are the path to making progress.