Monday, July 30, 2012

Guarding Our Hearts

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard you hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.   
 Phil 4:7

We received word a few minutes ago that Rob's surgery is confirmed for 8:30a.m.  Today has been a full day of preparation and education.  I know so much more about the heart and how it works now than I did twelve hours ago.  If education  is power, I am much more powerful than I was twelve hours ago. 

Beyond a doubt, God's creation, the human body, is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Even when it isn't working quite as it should.  I am so thankful that there are people with more education, knowledge and power than I possess.  I am so thankful that there are people that understand the heart and body on a level that I will never acquire.

After the two days of waiting, we are preparing for surgery.  My parents are here.  Rob's sister is here.  My sister brought the children to visit today.  We have all been able to ask the questions that were pressing on our minds.  S10 wanted to know how the veins and heart felt and what color they were.  M7 wanted to know what Daddy would look like.  My dad wanted to know the location of the blockages.  I wanted to know what to expect after surgery.  The staff at the hospital has been so patient and helpful.  They've answered every question and talked us through the expectations of the surgery and recovery.

I'll be having dinner with my family before they head home.  The children are more comfortable in their own home and seeing Rob after surgery isn't something that they need to do.  Tonight I'll be sleeping at the hospital.  My bed is propped against the wall right now.  I'm sure we'll figure out how to get it set up.

In the morning, they'll start prepping Rob at about 6:30a.m.  I am so thankful to have the company of Rob's sister and my parents as I wait for the surgery to be over.  I am reassured by his doctor, the nursing staff and the health educators.  It's been very comforting to hear those in the know say things like "just" a by-pass.  To me a by-pass is huge.  To them a by-pass is another job that must be done. 

At each turn I have experienced peace which transcends all understanding.  In addition to peace, God has provided people and knowledge  in a positive and upbeat manner to guard our minds.  I know that the prayer that God will guard Rob's heart is being fulfilled.  We'll spend tonight being thankful for this experience and praying for Dr. Streicher.  Today has been full of blessings.  I look forward to seeing what blessings tomorrow brings.

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