Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scary Chicken Stories by S9

I have a guest author today who would like to share three stories with you.  These stories were written to scare chickens because they are, after all, chicken.

The Legend of Fire Tail

Once there were 24 chickens and it was a full moon.  The strangest thing happened.  One was missing.  They searched everywhere but she wasn't anywhere.  They saw Fire Tail and he ate them all alive.  Legend has it that when there is a full moon there is Fire Tail.

The Legend of the Dogs

Once there were 24 chickens and a full moon, then a pack of hungry dogs came and ate all the chickens.  So, beware of the dogs!


There were 24 chickens and they decided to swim but when the first one stepped in the water it was bones.  So my fine feathered friends, beware of Rex!


  1. I love the explanations of why chickens are chicken. Great job!

  2. I guess I should have said these are great stories that would definitely scare chickens.